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Anissa Kermiche

Designed for women with a curious, independent spirit & an appreciation for the exuberant, eclectic & unseen.

Representing the duality of her personality, there’s poetry in the geometry, sensuality in the construction, and elegance in her confrontational approach to empowerment.

From her London based studio, she has sourced the finest stones and used her technical / creative skills to consistently challenge convention.

Prices from £220 to £2,300.

Atelier Molinari

Atelier Molinari’s exquisite jewellery is the creation of Parisian Central Saint Martin’s graduate Anna Molinari.
Featuring brightly coloured hand cut gemstones set in delicate hand pierced 18kt Yellow Gold, her vibrant pieces speak to those that appreciate “It is in the hidden details that we find beauty”.
HALL loves her use of bright colours and delicate gold settings which are layerable and easily mix and matched with other HALL and HALL Guest Designer jewellery.

Hand made in India.
Prices from £300.


Buja seeks to make everyday precious with her refined elegant style. Delicacy & sparkling details run through the collections, combining the most precious diamonds and gemstones into organic golden forms.

14kt Yellow Gold with Diamonds, Sapphires, Topaz & Tsavorite.

Made in Florence, Italy.

Prices from £275 to £1,300.

By Pariah

Influenced by her German heritage and years spent in London, Munich born Sophie Karg takes a conceptual approach in creating By Pariah’s design aesthetic.

Combining minimalist, clear and structured forms with London’s electric and eccentric style she thrives to create contemporary yet timeless pieces with an everyday edge.

Her current collection ‘Between the Lines’ is a reflection of her admiration for her German design heritage and London’s energy and boldness representing the constant pull both cultures have on her.

Ellie Air

Ellie Air is a contemporary fine jewellery brand, founded and directed by Lauren Rowden. 

Each piece of jewellery is designed, made and finished by hand in Lauren’s workshop in central London.

Ellie Air Jewellery is both delicate and minimal, and reflects on Lauren’s time spent in Italy. Each collection is named with an Italian word that celebrates the pieces contained within it, bringing together elements across each series’ creation, from inspiration to the finished, beautiful objects.

Made in London

Prices from £130 – £390


HALL is a British jewellery brand creating luxury, contemporary and accessible fine fashion jewellery for the modern woman.

Utilising real, conflict-free diamonds in pure 9kt Yellow, Rose and White Gold, each piece is designed to be worn individually or layered to create a fresh and unique aesthetic.

With HALL, you can mix and match single stud earrings, add trend-driven ear jackets or ear cuffs, layer engravable and gemstone charms, and create ring stacks.

We also welcome you to explore HALL Antiques, a curation of vintage jewellery from many past era’s sourced from established antique dealers.

HALL Antiques

HALL is pleased to present HALL Antiques, an edit of fine jewellery from past eras. We have partnered with reputable Antique Fine Jewellery Dealers to present a Fine Fashion angle to wearing and appreciating antique jewellery.

We really encourage mixing and matching jewellery, and HALL Antiques is another way in which we at HALL Collection encourage jewellery wearers to wear and appreciate jewellery in new, refreshing ways.

9/14/18kt Gold, Platinum, Gemstones & Diamonds.

Prices from £150 to £5,900.

Jezebel London

Jezebel London is created with the desire to crystallise the cool side of diamonds and make them the essence of female charisma from day to bed.

Each piece is uniquely designed by the Jezebel London team & produced by craftsmen in Istanbul with the finest quality.

14kt Gold with Coloured Diamonds.

Made in Turkey.

Prices from £100 to £850.


A lot of people assume I have always been in the jewellery business, but in fact I have always been an interior designer before I dipped my toes into the world of jewellery and rock design.

My designs must make the woman, who’s body it is adorning, feel special.

They must compliment her outfit and not overpower it.

They must have the power to add a spark to a conversation.

To achieve the latter I knew the materials needed to be out of the ordinary, for example, saying that your ring features a druzy stone will probably have some people inquiring more about it than if you were to say it was another well known gem.

To check off the first two requirements of my list I experimented with clean geometrical shapes and luxury gold settings.
The little diamonds around the rough edges of the rocks are references to the two sides in every woman: the soft, polished and very feminine side and the natural, charismatic and powerful side.

The subtle contrast of those materials paired with eye-catching shapes will make sure that wearing only one or multiple items from the collection will still add a balanced and understated vibe to your look.

Legend Amrapali

Amrapali was created nearly 40 years ago, inspired by the deep reverence founders Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera have for India’s authentic tribal jewellery and artefacts.

The tradition of blending honoured heritage with modern influences continues with Legend, the exciting new collection from Amrapali.

The rich, deep heritage of India is Legend’s biggest source of inspiration. Colours, shapes and deities all influence the design of each piece.

Merging the ancient and modern for timeless style, each exquisite piece in the Legend collection is handcrafted in Jaipur.

18kt Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, Diamonds & Enamel

Prices from £440 to £6,260.

Little Ones Paris

Little Ones Paris is a jewellery brand of French craftsmanship.

Founded by gemmologist and jewellery specialist Amélie Brunswick, who for years has been advising diamond manufacturers, manufacturers and luxury brands to improve their ethical practices (RJC certification).

In contact with the best French diamond manufacturers, Amélie developed a passion, know-how and demand that gave birth to Little Ones Paris.

Métier by Tom Foolery

Métier was dreamt up by Laura Kay on the shop floor of her parents’ jewellery gallery. Laura is passionate about sourcing stones & looks for those that are unusual with natural inclusions & interesting colours.

She designs quality pieces that are soft, understated and distinctive.

9kt Yellow Gold with Coloured Gemstones & Diamonds.

Made in London.

Prices from £40 to £470.


Otiumberg offers the ultimate demi-fine jewellery collection. Luxurious and practical, beautifully created and reasonably priced, sisters Christie and Rosanna Wollenberg design with an eye for easy simplicity and graceful beauty. Each piece will become your own: jewellery made to be worn, shared, given, received and above all, cherished. Otiumberg jewellery is elegant, everyday essentials for women to wear with love.

Made in Thailand.

Prices from £49.

Zoë Chicco

Since the launch of her jewellery line in 2000, Zoë Chicco has created a gift in the ability to create personal, classic pieces that are at the same time versatile.
Delicate and modern, sexy but elegant, her everyday pieces are significant enough to be worn alone but delicate enough to wear layered together. 

14kt Yellow Gold with White Diamonds.

Made in Los Angeles.

Prices from £195 to £860.